Sponsored Employer Plans

Retiree health care costs are on the rise. Many employers may consider reducing or eliminating benefits.
Recent laws have increased the liability associated with employer-sponsored health plans — and that has led many companies to cap retiree health care costs.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina offers Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare prescription drug plans that work with traditional Medicare benefits to lower your retiree health care coverage costs. Employers who have reached spending caps may be able to stop benefit erosion by using one of our Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare prescription drug plans.

BlueCross can support your company’s retiree health plan and potentially lower your retiree health care costs — while also minimizing the risk associated with these plans. For more than 60 years, South Carolinians have turned to us for health care coverage. Now BlueCross can provide the same peace of mind for your retirees.

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